JVTC continue to work throughout businesses, from supporting the creation of strategic plans, to many facets of employee development.  Our interventions are underpinned with Organisational Development and Adult Learning principles. That is:

  • We work to have a “line of sight” between a client’s vision, values, strategies, goals and expectations, to the objectives and outcomes of our initiatives and interventions.
  • Our solutions  enable individual, team, and organisational performance.
  • Ensuring activities are goal and relevancy orientated, practical and respectful is imperative in our work.
  • We recognise that adults have many experiences to draw from and hold personal values and beliefs. We are mindful that people will engage and participate for their reasons, not ours. Therefore we must work to understand these needs.

This also applies to our recruitment and employee mediation processes. Our experience and studies through both disciplines ensure that  we are clear of our client’s expectations to ensure we work within these parameters to attract, retain and achieve the best possible “fit” or result.

To maximise the effectiveness of our work, it is important to include content from within and outside a client’s organisation.

Within – vision, values, relevant polices, standards, procedures, subject matter experts and further organisational history to support the intended objectives and outcomes.

Outsideprincipals, theories, models and questionnaires developed by recognised and revered leaders in relevant fields; JVTC’s collective experiences.