Whatever the reason or motivation, disputes and conflict at work and play can lead to performance issues, resignations, and a reduction in overall business.

Using proven methodologies, together with a wealth of skill and experience, JVTC will help you, your team and your organisation come to a resolution that is best for all concerned.

Involving an external and impartial mediator:

  • Reduces the risk of having pre-concieved thoughts or taking sides.
  • Enables you to get onto other important business, knowing that a professional is working through this issue.
  • Helps those involved in the dispute or conflict to feel empowered to own the issue as well as the resolution, before it is too late and draws the attention higher up in an organisation or the public; and involves arbitrators, lawyers or courts.
  • Can assist in building, rebuilding, or even terminating a relationship in amicable manner.
  • Ensures that the focus remains to settle the issue for the long-term; no bandaids.

JVTC uses a process that works toward shaping a cooperative forum for employees to problem-solve and work against parties taking an adversarial stance.

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