At JVTC we have best-in-class facilitators and our skills continue to be sought by businesses across the world. We use our skills to lead workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings, planning sessions, training programs and much more.

The aim of a facilitator is to:

  • Create the right environment for others to willingly contribute their thoughts and ideas. That is, the content comes from the group participating.
  • Drive the process and lead into discussion through the use of appropriate context and focus statements and questions.
  • Plays an impartial role, whilst steering the group towards decision(s).

There is an art to facilitation that distinguishes great facilitators. There are also many techniques and skills that can provide a breadth of knowledge. With practice comes experience; and experience can foster a greater depth of understanding.

When leading a project or team, it can be difficult to lead a process when you are working to follow, contribute and understand the content. This is an example where sourcing a facilitator to plan, prepare, deliver and/or review could be a valuable investment to your business.

Facilitation is also a necessary skill of modern supervisors and managers; to lead a process that involves several stakeholders. So if it is your team’s facilitation skills that you wish to develop, we have programs to build this capability.

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