JVTC understand the impact coaching can have; from goal setting to addressing specific issues and concerns with the intent to maximize performance.

Coaching in the workplace is a development process to meet personal or business performance standards. It can often follow a group development initiative to provide a more personalised focus for continued development.

There are increasing demands on managers and supervisors tasked with ensuring their departments or teams to perform to a desired standard. On a daily basis roles are most visible to employees, and other key stakeholders. They hold tremendous sway over the organisation’s culture.

It is in the best interest of an organisation to ensure that this leadership group know, understand and believe in the mission and vision, behaving in accordance to the values that an organisation holds dear. Coaching can provide a level of support to the organisation and the leader to ensure they succeed in their role.

JVTC coaches work across the world with companies and individuals to help them plan, implement and achieve success in their chosen area of focus. Using simple and effective processes, our coaching effort spreads across both Management and Leadership effectiveness.

With Management – from supporting the formulation of vision statements, through to setting strategies, goals and tasks to achieve the vision.

With Leadership – areas of focus include managing teams, meetings, change, conflict, communication and relationships.

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